Diving deep into the shadows


With a sound that shimmers yet rocks at the same time, The Junkie Twins have that sound reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain without the feedback or Lou Reed at his most straightforward, like something from Sally Can’t Dance or The Velvet Underground (record three, without Nico).” Phil King - Audio Fuzz

Led by brothers Anthony and David Gill, The Junkie Twins are two of Australia’s finest exports to the County of Kings. On April 29th, 2016 they released Push To Exit, a new album that mixes twisted rock with dark shimmering pop to create a concoction that is addictive as it is harmonious. In their words:

As artists we’re constantly writing and creating, so inspiration is a direct reflection of our everyday life. We’ve always been drawn to people on the fringe, like Bukowski, Johnny Depp, Batman, etc... People who have a strong dark side but use it to their creative advantage. We always find the beauty in the shadows of humanity. The juxtaposition of the way we write is that the lyrics are inspired by our willingness to dig deeper into our shadows, but musically we strive to make the melody shimmer a bit brighter.

Push to Exit is The Junkie Twins debut record, a sprawling rock and pop kaleidoscope set against a darkly twisted lyrical canvas that will leave the listener craving a little more with each taste. 

Quite a departure for Anthony and David, who recorded their last record live and acoustic in an old cabin in Upstate New York, with barely an overdub in sight, under the band name City Walls Autumn Falls. 

For Push to Exit, they retreated to Studio G in Brooklyn (Puss-N-Boots, Blackroc, Highly Suspect, Plastic Ono Band), where producer Gary Atturio took this new batch of songs and gave them intensity and vision that far exceeded anything the brothers had done previously. 

Throw in Grammy-nominated Joel Hamilton (Nora Jones, The Black Keys, Tom Waits) to mix it, and you’ve got all the ingredients to make to make an enduring gallery of pop radiance.

You can find The Junkie Twins touring the US throughout 2016, playing live shows across New York City, filming a session for their YouTube series The Wino Diaries, or simply having a beer and a feed at the local pub á la Anthony Bourdain


Vocals, Guitar / Anthony Gill
Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals / David Gill




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